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Historique et construction

The Israeli "Hamer Orev" was built using Revell's HMMWV body and chassis and Dragon's M1046 hood and TOW system, assisted by some 300 detail pictures of the real thing. Of the CMK kit, only the seats were used, along with the rear bumper and spare wheel rack and rear view mirrors, the rest was more or less useless. The wheels are scratch built according to measurements of the real thing, as all other wheels on offer in this scale had mistakes. The roll cage, bull bar, Kiveret (hive which is the TOW round stowage), duffel bag, radio set, piping on the right side of the hull and some other stuff were scratch built. The TOW rounds were scratch built, with the ends of each round being "squash casted". The decals were made, using a computer generated image with PhotoDeLuxe 4.0, which was printed on Bare Metal decal paper. The model was weathered using pastels. The markings on the spare wheel are a letter Gimel, the number three and the tactical sign for the Palnat Ha'Tzanchanim, the Paratroopers' anti-tank company. These were made using cigarette paper.

The figure is made of parts from Preiser and the arms from Hasegawa. The M4A1 carabine is a resin part from Modell Trans, that I made earlier from scratch. The figure represents a fiend of mine, who made the nessecary pictures of this vehicle. He is a professional photographer and is just checking out the pictures he made on his scratch built Canon EOS. The hair do was made using Magic Sculp.

Erik Hendriks.



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