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M800 series (Rio)

This page was realised by Erik Hendriks (corrected by Pascalbausset)

General note: M800 5 ton truck series production of the american company AM General entered service in early seventies.
There are several types of Chassin :

M809 (standard)
M810 (tractor)
M811 (intermediate extended version)
M812 (long wheelbase)

The vehicles were delivered unassembled.


This is the standard M813 truck. The vehicles were upgraded during the 1980’s with the addition of 14.00 X 20 tires.


This version of the M820 has a radio cabin in stead of the cargo bed seen on the standard M809s. The vehicles are in use with communications units. It seems to be exactly the same vehicle as was in US service.


This is the standard M813 Fuel Bowser as used with the US armed forces as well.




For use in Lebanon, where the risks of guerrilla attacks was omni present, the fuel tank was protected by Explosive Reactive Armor, much like used on the Magach and Sho’t main battle tanks.


M813 mobile fuel pump


M813 Psy Ops. The housing and the gear that it contains is reported to be a psychological warfare apparatus, which produces loud and irritating noises, designed to disperse crowds.


The M809 Manor is used as an NBC (nuclear- biological- chemical) decontaminations vehicle. Manor is an acronym for "Metaher Netiv ve-cancers.


M814 with M-811 chassis

The M814 is a stretched version of the M809 truck. The chassis was stretched by some 2 meters (6.5 feet). The M814 served as a basis for various derivatives. The cargo floor can be fitted with various containers (radio equipment, workshops, etc.)

M814 with M-811 chassis

 M814 Prime Mover for the M71 howitzer is fitted with a small tarpaulin at the rear, used to carry the crew of the gun. Inside three seats are fitted, all with a high back rest, placed along each other and facing rearward. The remaining part of the cargo floor is used for storing the artillery round for the howitzer.


The M816 wrecker with Eyal Loaf 306 crane is used to recover soft skin vehicles and light armoured vehicles like the M113 series of AFVs. The crane is able to lift up to 4.5 tons (the maximum load moment of 18 tons-meters) and is fitted with a winch with a capacity of pulling EYAL Engineering and Industrial Company Limited. Reminiscent of an American M819, but is equipped with a crane, Eyal, an Israeli production company EYAL Engineering and Industrial Company Limited.



The M813 Aguri is used as a maintenance platform/ fitters’ vehicle for armoured fighting vehicles a AFV maintenance. The crane has a capacity of lifting up to 5300 kgs. The cargo floor can be used to store and repair power units of armoured fighting vehicles.
Cet engin est dote d' une grue spéciale de manutentionet d'une caisse spécifique.



This version of the M813 is fitted with a crane , which is used to handle the loads carried by the truck itself or other vehicles. The vehicle is not a fitters’ vehicle.


M813 fixed water tank

M813 fixed water tank


With a crane.


M814 with M-811 chassis

M814 wit a communication shelter. The M814 can be seen with a wide variety of shelters.


Vered Harim
ורד הרים

(Mountain Rose) M814 fitted with a special shelter with a cellular communications mast. This system is part of the Digital Army Program being implemented into the hierarchy of the Israeli Defence Forces.


In order to control the Hermes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the Israeli Air Force some M813s were attached to ir force units for this purpose. The vehicle is a standard M814 fitted with a special communications container.

Of long-Rio Cummins 'in the mobile version of the control point UAV family' Hermes '(Hermes), 90-ies

M814 with M-811 chassis

This M814 is fitted with the Ramit system, employed as part of the IDF Chapparel Air Defence System .



The M814 Keres is fitted with a triple launcher for the AGM-78 Standard missile. The vehicle was in use with the Israeli Air Force.



The M818 tractor was used in limited numbers within the ranks of the Zahal.



Improvised version with a vertical shield of steel instead of the body created to cover the construction work along the border with the Gaza Strip from sniper fire. Only used in very limited numbers. It was later replaced by the Magach 6B main battle tank with an armoured wall on the right side of the hull.

Rio-based shield M814, 2005

M-813 with armored cab

The M809 can be fitted with an armoured cab.


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