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Ford M151  ג'פס  (Djapas=Jeep)

This page was realised by Erik Hendriks, completed by Nicolas Pierre-Yves.

 M151A1 (captured)

During the 1973 Yom Kippur War large numbers of enemy materiel were captured by the Israeli forces and put into use against their former owners. The M151A1 shown here is fitted with a 106mm recoilless rifle, once part of the Royal Jordanian Army.

M151 A2

This version is the standard M151A2, with the windscreen still fitted. The tilt is made of indigenous Shimshon canvas.


This is a standard M151A2 with the tilt and windscreen removed. The vehicle is fitted with a mounting for a MAG-58 machine gun. The device mounted on the front bumper is a wire cutter.


 Djapas Siyur
ג'פס סיור

Siyur means reconnaissance. For this purpose the Djapas was fitted with a heavy duty roll cage. Furthermore the vehicle’s original seats were often replaced by new ones with a higher backrest. A third such seat was mounted in the rear of the vehicle.  


Djapas Orev
ג'פס עורב

For the Israeli anti armor units the standard M151A2 with the M220 TOW missile launch system was used, until replaced by the Hamer Orev, the Israeli TOW equipped version of the Humvee. The Djapas Orev could also be seen with two extra rounds being carried over the rear right wheel arch. 


Orev Supplying

This mutt was used to fuel the Djapas OREV.


Djapas riot 1

During the Intifadah periods in the 80’s and 90’s in Judea and Samaria as well as the Gaze strip some Djapas jeeps were fitted with an anti riot super structure. These vehicles had a hard roof and the sides were protected by polycarbonate sheets.

Djapas riot 2 Another Japas M151 used for riot-control. Simply an other configurtion.
Djapas riot 3
Another Japas M151 used for riot-control. Simply an other configurtion.
Djapas riot 4 Another Japas M151 used for riot-control. Simply an other configurtion.
Djapas riot 5
Version had metal mesh fitted in place of the polycarbonate sheets.  
M151 observation A projector is mounted on this M151. This projector has the function to search or observe during the night.
Research Vehicle
bomb squad This M151 belong to the demining unit. On the plate in the front it says 'bomb squad'.
The vehicle has a rotating beacon and boxes on the wings of the front, these boxes will be seen on lot of Mutt patrol in the IDF and the SLA.
Djapas with roof and doors This Mutt has the distinction of having the doors and roof in fabrics. This is only against the pluit. However, a grid on the windshield can be added.


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