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Freightliner and International trucks in Israeli service

This page was realised by Erik Hendriks


Freightliner Medium Conventional
FLC 112 4x2

Beginning in 1995 Freightliner shipped completely-built-up cabs and completely-knocked-down (CKD) chassis to Israel for final assembly by Automotive Industries Ltd. This is the basic vehicle.


Freightliner Medium Conventional
FLC 112 4x2
break down recovery

One of the variations on the standard FLC-112 has a tiling ramp and a winch, used as a tow away truck.


Freightliner Medium Conventional
FLC 112 6x2
Refrigerated, 3 axles

This FLC truck has three in stead of the standard two axles. It has a rigid closed cargo area, fitted with an air conditioning unit. The cab seems to be armoured against small arms fire.


Freightliner Medium Conventional
FLC 112 4x2
double cab

 Used for driver training, this FLC truck has a double cab.


Freightliner Medium Conventional
FLC 112 4x2
Water truck

 This FLC version is used to transport drinking water to the frontline.


Freightliner Medium Conventional
FLC 112 4x2

The Safari type of trucks are used to transport troops to check points and strong holds. The vehicles have also been used to transport civilians to and from settlements. This is the open version, with a small alleyway at the front as well as the rear of the cargo floor. The space between the roof on the one hand and the armoured sides, front and rear on the other was open.


Freightliner Medium Conventional
FLC 112 4x2
Safari (closed)

 The previously described version was closed by adding an overlap to the roof.


International 4700 “Dana”

Along with the purchase of the Freightliner line of trucks, International was granted a contract to deliver the International 4700 truck. This truck is known as Dana. The vehicles were delivered as knock down kits and assembled by Taasiyot Rehev.


International 4700 “Dana”

Some of the International trucks were equipped with a hydraulic lift platform at the rear of the cargo floor.

International 4700 “Dana”

 This truck has a tiling ramp and a winch, and is used as a tow away truck.


 International 4700 “Dana”

The company of Hatehoff, known for manufacturing flat bed trailers, developed an NBC decontamination unit that was tried on an International 4700 truck. The system was subsequently fitted to the Navistar International truck (see elsewhere in this oversight).


 International 4700 “Dana”

This is a rescue vehicle in use with the Israeli Force on its air bases.


The Zinzana is used as a means of transports for inmates. It is in use with the Israeli military police.


International 4700 “Dana”

As with the Freightliner and the Tatra trucks, a driving training version of the International 4700 was also introduced into service. The driver training vehicle is equipped with a double cab.


International 4700 “Dana”


This version of the International 4700 Dana was developed by IAI/Ramta as a protected EOD vehicle which is currently in use by the IDF and Israeli Border police. The vehicle contains two robots stored in the rear compartment which are deployed via hydraulic lift/ramp. Access and egress is available from rear and side, as well as from forward crew cabin. The crew can fight and return fire from within the vehicle, through side firing ports and top firing hatch. The vehicle is also equipped with external floodlights, on-board generator, and run-flat tires.



The Safarit seems to be the replacement for the Freightliner FLC-112 Safari trucks. Unlike the previous vehicles, this armoured truck has one compartment. The sides and rear have firing holes, enabling the occupants to fight from within the vehicle.

Navistar International

Little is known as to how the delivery of the Navistar International trucks came into being. The basic vehicle has two axles, a conventional cargo floor and a tarp made from Shimshon canvas.

Navistar International

This is a three axle version of the basic vehicle.

Navistar International

A fire engine was developed for use with the Israeli armed forces. The build up was probably done by the Hatehoff company, which has a rich history of producing fire engines.

Navistar International “Girit”

The previously mentioned NBC decontamination unit, developed by Hatehoff, was fitted to the Navistar International truck. The truck has three axles. It in unknown whether the vehicle is in operational service.


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