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Ford F-350  נועה (Noah) series

This page was realised by Erik Hendriks



The Ford F-350 double cab pick- up was ordered by the IDF as a replacement light tactical truck M-325 "Nun-Nun" for utility duties. 

Noah Zariz
נועה זריז

This is a modified Noah, fitted with the Zariz (Agile) Electronic surveillance system that can also be seen fitted to Land Rover Defenders.


Noah Ambulance

The Noah ambulance is a single cab F-350 with an air-conditioned ambulance unit, which allows more convenient handling of the wounded. The ambulance unit was manufactured by the American company of Wheeled Coach.


The heavier F-550 is in use with IDF logistical units. The trunk can be fitted with a tarpaulin.


Noah’s smaller brother is the Ford F-150. Some are in use with the Israeli Defence Forces, although it is not known if the vehicle is operational or was obtained for evaluation purposes.


The Ze’ev (Wolf) is based on a modified US-built commercial Ford F550 (4 × 4) chassis, which has been fitted with an all-welded steel armoured body that provides the occupants with protection from small arms fire and shell splinters. It is in use with the IDF.

Ze’ev 2
זאב 2

The Ze’ev was further improved into the Ze’ev 2. The vehicle has larger wheel arches and heavier wheels.

Sand Cat

The Sandcat is an armored patrol car, developed by the Israeli firm Plasan-Sasa. The original prototype (shown) was based on the chassis of the Ford F-350, which was shortened to 2,840 mm. It provides protection from small arms fire and shrapnel. The machine has a system of protection against chemical weapons. The machine was tested in the IDF, but was not accepted into service. 

Sand Cat


The original Sand Cat was also evaluated by the Magav (Israeli Border Police) and was subsequently ordered. It has a longer and higher rear compared to the original prototype. The vehicle is marketed internationally by Oshkosh from the USA.


According to the IDF spokeperson’s site the Bazelet will be introduced shortly as the Future Field Intelligence Vehicle with the IDF’s Field Intelligence Corps.
Developed by ELTA Systems Ltd. and fitted to the Sand Cat, the vehicle combines synchronized radars and observation tools that scan the entire area at all times and focus automatically on every suspicious target. Additionally, the Bazelet has even better armor protection than the “Raccoon”.

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